Inviting Rebecca to be part of an educational program has many wonderful benefits. School assemblies bring books and stories to life . . . inspiring imagination, curiosity and participation. These can connect with individual classroom curriculum, school celebrations and seasonal focuses. Assemblies can also be followed by smaller group workshops that allow students to develop their own storytelling skills. Programs are aligned with School Standards – available on request.

Storytelling develops listening and comprehension, public speaking, understanding of structure and form, dramatic arts and vocal strength. It can also deepen and expand subjects like history, social studies and international studies. A series of workshops or a residency can lead students to their own presentations and a greater understanding of the art, how it connects to other disciplines and what a powerful tool it can be for them.



Adult Workshops for Teachers and other Business Professionals


Storytelling is an ancient art of motivation and communication. We are all storytellers in our own lives! Taking some time to develop and become aware of these skills helps you connect with others, communicate your message more clearly and use your own voice and physicality in a dynamic and effective way

Private coaching also available.



Music Classes


Rebecca has spent 15 years training and playing flute, 5 on piano and 3 on guitar. She’s performed in choirs and theater productions, and studied music composition and theory. She teaches kids drama, singing techniques and movement for stage at a local theater, as well as private music lessons.
For preschool and early childhood, she’s a traveling teacher: using storytelling to introduce musical ideas, and bringing musical instruments from around the world to try and explore. She will share and teach songs both familiar and new to preschools, Mom’s clubs and private “mommy/daddy and me” groups of any size.