Rebecca's current reperatoire includes dozens of stories. She specializes in Celtic, dragon, and princess tales as well as traditional and mythic stories from many cultures. All of Rebecca's stories have literary and educational value, performed in an entertaining fashion. She brings her appreciation and knowledge of World Literature to her presentations. Her style is interactive, playful and engaging. Live Storytelling, especially as presented by Rebecca is a treat for any child's birthday party or special event.

Rebecca's standard presentation runs about 45 minutes to an hour and can also include activities, such as Face Painting, Puppets and sing-a-long songs. She offers several different programs to choose from. See "About" page.


Rebecca is currently teaching/telling and performing at The Garden School, and other local preschools.


To book an event, please contact Rebecca via email or by calling (310) 717-8838.


Approximate rates:


Children's Parties, Classroom and Library Visits, Events $200-$350

School Assemblies and Large Groups$350-$500

Rates vary depending on distance, duration and group size.

Please call for a quote.