Rebecca Martin has been telling tales all over California and in even a bit in Scotland for over a decade. She started out a long time ago in a bookstore when she was the only staff member who didn't seem to mind wearing the big-headed costumes sent from the publishers for Saturday storytime. Soon enough she took over storyhour and was performing and learning the traditional art of storytelling. Listeners started inviting her to schools and parties.
After graduating with honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara with two degrees - one in literature and one in acting, she became a drama teacher and music director, and continued more and more to do professional storytelling at schools, libraries, and many community events and fundraisers, which she does now all over Los Angeles County and beyond. Her stories come from countries and traditions around the world, with a special emphasis on
those of the Celtic tradition, having a fondness for Fairies, giants, and all forms of magical beings. Her telling style is animated, vibrant and interactive, inviting audience members to travel with her to the realm of imagination.
She has been a resident storyteller in Los Angeles schools, works with Dreamshapers, taught at Montessori school and can be seen on PBS on Pigglys Storyteller Playhouse.
She does grown-up acting too, performing her one-woman show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1997. After studying acting in the original homeland of the Bard, London, she performed in several Shakespeare festivals and plays here in California.
Rebecca also writes and has conducted poetry workshops for children and adults, as well as newspaper articles and travel writing whenever the opportunity arises.

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