Program Descriptions

Super Heroes of the British Isles

In the earliest days, wild heroes walked the earth with everyday folk like you and me, inspiring us with strength, wit courage and charm. In these tales, meet some of the Heroes who braved giants, or were giants themselves!

Mother Earth

Stories that honor nature and the earth - rythms of life, what plants need to grow, how we are all part of the cycle. Stories from different parts of the world. Ties in well with seasons too.

Princesses, Dragons and Dreams Come True

This program features princess stories from around the world. Tales of both traditional and unique are performed in a playful and interactive way, inspiring courage and self-confidence. Travel into dark castles and kingdoms far and wide, journey with brave young girls as they face trials, find their inner strength and live happily ever after.

Celtic Adventures

These stories from the Highlands of Scotland and the Hills of Ireland lead listeners into the whimsical wisdom of the rich Celtic tradition. Meet giants, fairies both ancient and new, and brave heroes. Visit a world of imagination, color imagery, salty humor and heart-warming lessons. Great for year-round and especially St. Patrick’s Day.

Bugs Beetles and Butterflies

Tales of talking catepillars and the amazing miracle of changing to a butterly. Includes bug songs.

Mysteries of the Fairy Kingdome

Explore the mystery, whimsy and beauty of fairies in these tales!

Greek Myths

Ancient stories of Persephone, Narcissus and more - a chance to explore Greek culture and these fascinating charactersthat are still part of world mythology to this day.

Shivers and Shakes, Spiders and Snakes

Perfect for Halloween, these stories from Holland, West Africa and other traditions provide just the right amount of suspense without scaring children too much. Humor and lightness let them look at the scary things they are curious about anyway, and enjoy the ride!

International Folk Tales:

"Around the World in Magic Hour"

“Magic Hour” is a broad selection of stories from around the world, including visits to India, Ireland, West Africa, and China. These tales, told in Rebecca’s animated and vibrant style with lots of audience participation, are full of intriguing characters, playful plots and joyful resolutions that will inspire, entertain and teach.

"Little Ears, Big Imaginations, Storytelling Program for Toddlers"

Interactive stories from around the globe, playfully told, including movements that help connect toddlers to the stories, animated voices and gestures that develop concentration and attention (and its fun too!)

Valentines' Day

Stoies of love and friendship.

Winter Holiday

"Wonderful Winter" (non-denominational holiday)

Stories full of myth and lore explore the creative and magical explanations of the mystery of the seasons, especially the joy of winter. Tales both familiar and new and can be tailored for various cultural traditions.


"Christmas Stories"

Get into the Joy of the Holiday with warm tales of Christmas, including a tale or two from the Celtic Tradition. These lively stories, told in dynamic and interactive style bring Santa and the Spirit of Giving close. This show can be adapted for toddlers also.

St. Patty's Day/Celtic Program

"The Green Hills"

Meet the most famous of the Irish heroes, the brave and clever Finn MacCool, as well as the wild hairy men of the Fianna, and then pay a visit to the world of Fairy in this program that celebrates the rich heritage of the Celts and the Irish.